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Preying on children makes you a predator regardless of who you are

I have dreaded writing this article for the months I have considered it. The people who advise me recommend against it but I feel it is necessary. Holding this knowledge while vetting it has kept me up at night and it is not with levity I use the word predator literally.

People in marginalized communities are extremely sensitive to the misbehaviour of their own, especially when it reinforces prejudice. The instinct to band together and be unyielding is strong, and I reject the prejudice that surrounds this story. Sometimes we resist exposing difficult conversations to the outside. Jessica Yaniv, also known as Jessica Simpson, is forcing such an awful conversation.

None of the allegations I write about today have been proven or ruled on by a court. This article is based entirely on eyewitness accounts, which are always highly subjective.

I wish it wasn’t a transgender person or someone saying they are part of the LGBTQ+ community who has been doing what this person has reportedly been doing for years – as far back as 2013.

I am mindful that it doesn’t matter what her gender is or how she got to where se is. It is valid and that’s not a debating point for me. We are all entitled to the same legal protection and process when facing allegations, especially accusations related to awful conduct – especially towards children.

I know that with over 150,000 transgender persons in Canada, it is inevitable that some of us misbehave. Transgender and non-binary persons are artists, housewives, doctors, a judge, politicians, chronically underemployed, professionals, and blue-collar workers. Like other communities, ours also features a number who are cheaters, predators, liars rapists, pedophiles, pimps, and others who do harmful things. Knowing the correlation between marginalization and suppression and individual acts of misbehaviour, I would not be surprised to learn the proportion of miscreants who are transgender is higher than the general population. It usually is with oppressed groups.

But the things that people have told me Jessica Simpson has done to them are awful and can’t be swept out of our consciousness. Awful things have been reported and need to be taken seriously.

I am under the impression that Jessica Simpson and I met in person once at a puic event at The Cultch, a theatre in Vancouver where I performed in 2018. In a May 2019 letter to me from her lawyer she claimed we never met.

This also is possible. As a public figure, I meet many people and could not tell with certainty who I had that conversation with.

I did however speak with Jessica over the phone when she called me to explain allegations about deeply-inappropriate tweets attributed to her which exist in screen shot format that she was alleged to have sent to young women and girls.

She brought up her human rights cases and her interest in standing up for transgender rights. She also expressed admiration for my work standing up for transgender persons against oppression.

I encourage transgender people to fight for our rights and to force difficult conversations out into the open. I have often encouraged any valid complaint being filed to get the difficult conversation started.

I told Jessica that I felt she would have a very difficult time with these cases and that although I support the right of all trans persons to access services free of discrimination her past history deeply undermined her intentions and exposed her and the transgender community to contempt. She claimed her statements were taken out of context and I encouraged her to publicly come clean about her past and how she has addressed her conduct to reassure everyone watching that there is no reason for concern.

To my knowledge this has never happened. Jessica Simpson had not explained why she should be considered a safe person today in light of her past conduct that witnesses tell me was predatory.

In early 2019, I was sent an alarming tweet by Louise Nussac regarding Jessica Simpson. I followed it up and tried to establish if there was evidence it was telling the truth. It was.This post is also about difficult conversations: the conversation we need to have to address mortifying misdeeds in our own communities.

Some time after that first conversation I learned more about the specifics of Simpson’s actions and her history and actions. In the only other conversation with her when she called me at my Trans Alliance Society number in early 2019 I advised her that she did not seem to me to be the appropriate person to fight for trans women’s rights to services for women – on the basis of her documented past history.

With the help of other women who pointed the way in recent months, I tracked down and heard witnesses with first-person accounts of Jessica’s online behaviour spanning 2013 to 2018.

Their stories included reports and evidence of outrageously inappropriate acts, some towards children who are tweens and teens. Some of the material has survived as screenshots, and what I saw shows what strikes me as a pattern of predatory behaviour. I am not in law enforcement or a lawyer but as the mom of kids under 14 I was horrified by what the women told me happened and I believe them.

Understandably, some of the women I spoke to have come to hold a deep concern about my community based on Simpson’s actions. Some have even processed their experience as hatred of my community. I understand how they got there, and I hope their bias fades in time. Others have thankfully seen through this all despite of the trauma that was inflicted on them and seen an individual doing harmful things and nothing more.

I spoke to four women. Three of whom had awful experiences with Jessica. All were young women and girls at the time.

They are all adults now. I urged each woman to make a complaint with police on the basis of the things they said happened. I hope this has an effect and with enough police reports there may be a case.

Regardless of anyone’s race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other characteristic protected from discrimination, everyone is equally accountable for any harm we do. I mourn the fact that the wrath in social media about this one person has centered on her transgender status, and decry the actions of people who were so focused on that fact rather than focusing on getting to the bottom and helping alleged victims deal access justice and support. I regret some did lasting damage by spreading false information.

It is not lost on me that transphobic anger brought this matter to my attention in the first place, and only by targeting me personally. I wonder if the hatred helped or hindered this all. I suspect we will never know. I deeply regret the harmful behaviour of some people, and that includes the ones aimed at my community. If only mindsets were not easily driven to hatred by people manipulating affirmation bias…

Anyone in a marginalized community (or claiming to be in one) is entitled to live without discrimination because of who they are. At the same time, nobody gets to behave like this person has been documented to have consistently behaved for years – no matter what their mental health or gender identity is. Whether there is a mental health matter at play or pure mischief, nobody can expect to interact with children like I have heard testimony that she did without rightfully facing justice or accessing treatment.

Amanda Todd’s tragedy taught us a great deal about the damage a predator can cause to a child without actually touching them.

This is why we have laws addressing online predators. Our society has put in place laws and policies in place to help protect us all from the things I have heard testimony about. It is possible people can change and that this is all behind us. However, Jessica seems to be still engaging in programs that target young women and is actively campaigning about the topic of menstrual products and girls, the focus of years of her negative behaviour. Jessica’s recent public appearance in front of municipal policymakers motivated writing this piece.

To my knowledge Jessica has not addressed her widely-documented past behaviour and this info itself is cause for concern. I believe sometimes people can change, but I see no signs of this having happened.

Were you or someone you know affected by predatorial online behaviour?
Do you feel it was more than one of those awful-and-far-too-common short-lived creepy moment? If so, the appropriate place to complain to is your local police. Also notifying a community advocate can’t hurt.

I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the women who trusted me enough to share their experience with me and with the competent authorities. I’d specifically like to acknowledge the patience and perseverance of Louise Nussac and Alicia Hendley who were very helpful and supportive my research and helped me speak to other women about this.

Regrettably Alicia’s frustrations led her to write an anti-trangender article on Meghan Murphy’s anti-transgender Feminist Current naming me that impacted this research and extensively tweeted attacks against the Transgender community. I regret her actions but understand her motivation. It is important to show witnesses of this awful situation empathy. People who observe awful things sometimes react awfully. I hope that as time passes cooler heads will prevail.

I appreciate that in communities that consider mine with distrust or worse, my reputation as a trans rights activist proceeds me. I will continue to stand up for equality and inclusion. Human rights exist for a reason: assuring out society treats everyone equally.

Update notes:
20 April 2019

This is the tweet that started this all….

I have recieved some criticism that this has taken too long. A timeline may be helpful. I learned of Jessica in November 2018. Soon after, a twitter storm errupted about a legal case that had clearly been under way. It resulted in Gendertrender being banned from WordPress and Meghan Murphy having her Twitter accounts closed, two wins widely applauded by the transgender people they incessantly harassed through populist outrage. Having been doxxed and mercilessly harassed by both for years, I applauded this outcome. Based on their actions, I feel they are not fit to be on social media platforms.

I have recieved some criticism that this has taken too long. A timeline may be helpful. I learned of Jessica in November 2018. Soon after, a twitter storm errupted about a legal case that had clearly been under way. It resulted in Gendertrender being banned from WordPress and Meghan Murphy having her Twitter accounts closed, two wins widely applauded by the transgender people they incessantly harassed through populist outrage. Having been doxxed and mercilessly harassed by both for years, I applauded this outcome. Based on their actions, I feel they are not fit to be on social media platforms.

I learned about Louise in January 2019 and spoke to her that month. I notified the serious crimes division of the RCMP immediately and passed on a recorded conversation with her. With Louise’s help, I tracked down more women who reported they had experience online predatory behaviour from Yaniv. I finally spoke to the most important witness, who was a child at the time of her interactions with Yaniv, in April 2019.

Until I had evidence of misbehaviour towards a minor, it was impossible for me to speak about allegations so steeped in transphobia because every transgender person is familiar with the transgender-woman-as-predator model used by hate groups advocating to marginalize us. Without real evidence, this horrible story is simply indistinguishable from the copious hate propaganda that clogs my social media. I got this evidence mid-April 2019.

People who claim that allegations against Yaniv were public knowledge for years before this post must be deeply frustrated that people who could have helped act were unaware or not listening. I have a simple message for them:

It’s unlikely public figures are the monsters your social media silo tells you they are. There is no cover under the trans umbrella for predators.

We must consider what these allegations sound like from the lens of the community being targeted as a by-product of the violence. After all, lynch mobs are scary things, even online. Perhaps we need to center our fury on the people who prey on transgender women with their alarmist fairy tales that made this incident undetectable from a dominantly hateful narrative?

Note: Louise Nussac’s twitter was blocked 2 days before this piece was published. Alicia Hendley’s twitter was blocked on Saturday 20 April, the day after this post appeared. I would not be surprised these interventions are related to Jessica.

When there is a predator among us, we can’t hear you if you bury your words in hatred and if you don’t reach out.

Here are some useful links:

Update: Feb 2021

According to a Wikipedia article about her, Jessica Yaniv has changed her name to Jessica Simpson.

84 thoughts on “Preying on children makes you a predator regardless of who you are

  1. Take a step back and look at the situation that has unfolded: We have one individual taking a group of immigrant women to various Human Rights hearings because they refuse to wax his male genitalia.

    How did we get to this point? How little regard do we now have for the very concept of Human Rights if we’re going to speak the words “oppression”, “violence”, and “marginalization” as if they are par with the refusal of a woman to touch a man’s penis and testicles?

    We got to this point by all the other prior cases of people who believe they can dictate how others must think and feel. We got here by people who believe they have a right to not be offended by the words expressed by others. We are in this position because our individual rights to our own thoughts and expression have been trumped by a system that now places a greater emphasis on furthering a social agenda.


  2. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt .. until you attacked Alicia (anger at you and everything you stand for is extremely rational given the situation the “cooler head” needs to be yours), then followed that up by attacking other survivors of this monster you helped to create. This isn’t your community’s fault – I’ll agree with you there. It’s yours. Own it.


    1. Thank you for piping in.

      A few voices raised up above the din of the transphobia swirling around this mess and asked me to intervene. One of those voices was Alicia and we established enough trust to help me find witnesses who could corroborate the story – because internet rumours are not facts and I only speak on facts.

      Without Alicia’s help, local police would not have been given any testimony and my article would never have happened, just in time to address Yaniv engaging in a beauty pageant for young women in my region.

      Unfortunately, Alicia then published a criticism of the state of affairs without checking in with me in advance about where things were with the witnesses. It seems she presumed delays were because of my refusal to proceed rather than the difficulty of establishing trust with witnesses who had been children at the time of their contact with Yaniv.

      Conflating hatred with alarm over a predator does nobody any good, no matter what discrimination is at play.


    1. mansplaining the stupidest term that’s come out of this generation. Is it anything like womansplaining


  3. You write that a women should have to touch a penis, if the person with the penis wants her too; “Anyone is always free to select their job on the basis of their prejudices.” I would suggest that is a very masculine view.
    The issue is not about transgender, but whether women have the right to feel safe in their own home or place of work, instead it would appear you are siding with a predator.


  4. There has to be more to these stories of women assaulting transwomen. Did any of these transwomen make unwanted sexual advances (given how many identify as lesbian)? Did these transwomen escalate the situation by refusing to take NO for an answer? Did they behave creepily (e.g. commenting on or asking about bodies or body functions)?

    Those of us with lifelong experience being female are well used to getting this crap from men and we deal with it. Creeping on me on my way to the bathroom? Boyfriend/husband gets informed,band creep gets his attitude adjusted. Male person in male clothes follows me into the bathroom? Hell yeah I’ll politely ask him to leave, and if he doesn’t, you bet that attitude gets adjusted one way or another.

    Male-appearing person in womens clothes does the same and minds her own business, I’ll do the same. Like in every gay bar I’ve ever been in, for what that’s worth. Whatever floats your boat honey, just don’t piss on the seat. Start creeping on me or peeking through stall dividers? I don’t care how you identify or dress, that’s inappropriate and I will revoke your trans-pass if you do it.

    Do you get uncomfortable with the “well she must have been asking for it” scenarios I just described? Well, it’s just par for the course if you’re female and being harassed or assaulted by men. But of course you know all about it, being a woman and all.

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  5. It’s real hypocritical of you to blame [cisgender] women for your ignoring a predator by saying bio women didn’t report [Yaniv] to you the “right” way. I mean, it’s ironic seeing as you yourself have a real problem engaging with [cisgender] women the “right” way.

    Why do you insist on throwing your weight around & bullying women with your privilege? It reeks of masculine entitlement which they clearly and rightfully have an aversion to. You say you identify as a woman yet you fail miserably at relating to [cisgender] women. According to your sexist ideology, you should be able to fit right in and relate to [cisgender] women without any problem. So why ARE you having so many problems? It’s not transphobia that’s for sure. Why would women be afraid of [transgender women] who share their thoughts and feelings? These [cisgender] women get along quite swimmingly with most bio males. So why would they have a problem with you and your posse?

    Please explain why, as a woman, you do not comprehend that trans-rights extremism has exposed how misogynistic society is and thus how tenuous girl/women’s rights are. I mean, [transgender women and girls] have managed to eradicate all protections girls/women have fought generations to obtain in a matter of a few years simply by saying “I think I’m a woman and I should do whatever I want regardless how [other women] feel or the effects on them”. How come Trans-women have this much power when they are supposedly so powerless? How come Trans extremists are predominantly hetero white [transgender] women? And how come trans men are never anywhere to be seen? You don’t find anything telling about ANY of this? You say you’re a woman, well then that that makes you the most traitorous & reviled woman ever amongst women.

    Your posse is just a bunch of hypocritical extremists who have nothing in common with those [cisgender] female. I have seen ZERO evidence of you attempting to relate to the realities of being [cisgender] female or navigating the world as a girl and then a woman. You proved this when you refused or could not see the predatory nature of JY’s own social media communications. Female born people identified the tone in it right away because they have met this predator before. You refused to recognize or could not recognize it because you have not lived the struggle of growing up female and being seen as female. How easy it was of you to simply become a woman and slip right into a position of power that most [cisgender women] can never achieve (But I’m sure you’ll refuse to see what’s telling about that as well). Most people who’ve grown up with male privilege refuse to see their misogyny and you are no different. What’s truly vile and telling is that those who proclaim to identify as women are the worst of the misogyny deniers. And you expect to accepted 😂 Good luck with that because I don’t foresee it going so well.

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    1. there’s just as much,if not more misandry in today’s world than there is misogyny


  6. The women who didn’t want to wax Yaniv based on the fact that Yaniv has a penis, makes Jessica male.. is that correct? If a female can’t decide on boundaries when it comes to touching a male penis then doesn’t that go against the charter of rights? Her right to protect her boundaries (because she’s female) is a human right and Yaniv trying to force this woman under threat of a lawsuit to touch her penis is rape.

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    1. It is so far more complicated than how you pretend it is and you know it.

      A nurse who gives spunge baths but refuses to give spunge baths to men on the basis she is a woman will be fired for refusing to do work fundamental to her job. On the other hand, a doctor who refuses to perform an abortion is off the hook on ethics grounds.


    2. Sadly you are correct, under Canadian law a [person] can self ID as a women anytime, any place [this person] wants . As well under current human rights legislation [this person] can demand access to female only places and the law backs [this person] up. It doesn’t mean it is right!

      The question is what do you do with ladies, who for personal, religious, preference, prefer to be examine by a female person. My wife is a good example, she will not go to a male doctor for her pap smear. Yet you are arguing that doing this she is a trans hater. I get you’re argue that a [person] with an intact penis can be women. Unfortunately there are a lot of women who don’t feel this way.

      I could go on and on but I won’t

      BTW I do give you credit for not turning off the comments


    3. Thank you for your POV Rob. I regret you chose to comment anonymously, people do more-awful things when nobody’s looking.

      I updated your post to make it less offensive to the people you would see excluded if you could. As you see, it’s easy not to state as fact something that actually is merely an opinion.

      Your wife has every right as a person to choose who her caregiver is, or to give up any service if she prefers not to have “one of those people” deliver it.


    4. [this person] tried posting a comment and my twitter account got blocked. Apologies if this gets posted twice. But this is a test comment to see if FB blocks my account as well.


    5. Yaniv’s complaint was dropped. Another case will have to surface to test the level of accommodation that must be afforded in this situation.


    6. rape is used to loosely by your type. It loses credibility when you use it in this scenario. Sorry that’s not rape.


  7. I have many questions regarding this article… and it is interesting that you have chosen to speak about this publicly now, given how long this has been going on and how much information is in the public domain .. when even an article in the British press has referenced it and when Miranda Yardley blogged about it in detail in December… when screenshots and captures have been on Titter for months without a word from you that regardless of how any man *identifies*, this type of behaviour is unnaceptable…

    I have questions regarding the address you share with JY… is this a mail drop or a real physical space and is it a coincidence that the same address is linked to both you and JY..

    I have questions regarding the way you are attempting to frame those who flagged this issue as transphobic.. women are quite rightly horrified at the photos of JY posing in a washroom full of young girls given the questions regarding whether young girls need help inserting tampons and the obvious evidence of an unhealthy interest in menstruation, menstrual products and pubescent girls.. I personally would have concerns at a woman posting this content, but am even more concerned when it is a person who seamlessly switches between a male and a self identified female persona, given that it is the self identification as a woman that grants them access to young girls in female facilities…

    I have questions as to why you chose to remain silent about the law suits undertaken by JY against women… lawsuits that are damaging to these women’s livelihoods and to women’s ability to work from home in safety… lawsuits that take no account of the different procedures and training required for intimate waxing of males and females due to biology and that undermine women’s boundaries and ability to say NO… and that again raise real issues as regarding *self identification as a woman* for the purposes of coercing women into touching male genitalia ( an act which under normal circumstances constitute a sexual assault and one for which women would have redress in the law)…

    So, Morgane…. you have chosen to speak at last, but I am left wondering about all the issues you have failed to address

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    1. Kate,

      Thank you for taking the time to make these comments.

      You raise a number of points that I will try to answer here.

      Although Yaniv was covered widely in the press and brought up in the Economist, no sources were cited supporting the claims being made. I’m a transgender rights activists and a community leader as well at a leader of a large political party. I have to live up to standards when acting on accusations against somebody. It was impossible for me to make a statement without evidence and I finallu got enough evidence last week. I support Jessica Yaniv’s or anyone else’s right to complain to a court about discrimination and support her use of gendered facilities based on her identity. This is a fundamental right everyone enjoys. I am aware Yardley took a position on Yaniv and read it. It seemed to rely on social media rumours and screen shots from the internet and met her political goal to limit transgender liberation in her country.

      My post puts forward a fundamentally different point: we have to put up with our miscreants and deal with them without relying on discrimination.

      I do not however agree with inappropriate actions like her photograph in a women’s washrooms – but because there are girls in the photo and not because she should have been elsewhere. She is a woman and women use spaces for women – even women who do bad things and also people who are genderqueer or genderfluid. We support drag queens use women’s washrooms when they’re in drag, after all.

      The concerns you raise about why anyone would ask for specific treatment are valid. We have always had creeps and to my knowledge most creeps are Male. We also have services that are provided to people of the other sex already such as gynecology and nursing and aesthetics have no reason to have a special exclusion. If a client misbehaves, they should be banned for that. Banning for BEING transgender or anyone is unacceptable however.

      Civil rights exist for a reason, after all.

      You have concerns I have failed to address many issues. Maybe I touched on them in other entries or elsewhere on my blog or in the press? Perhaps browse this site or Google me with key words to find a position I hold.

      Gender identity is an explicitly-prohibited grounds of discrimination in Canada. Being transgender is a prohibited grounds of discrimination in the EU and UK, Malta, Brazil, and a number of countries.

      Doing creepy things or being a nuisance is not. Fundamentally, I posted this because I had my fears confirmed that an existing pattern of conduct is continuing in my community and I wanted community leaders to be aware of this matter – despite it not having been proven in a court.

      Thank you again for your comments.


    2. Morgane, your response to the Yaniv lawsuits was that waxing professionals have an obligation to train to wax male genitalia even if they do not want to. Do you still hold this view?

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    3. Canadian law is clear: Businesses are prohibited from discriminating on any prohibited grounds while delivering services. This includes gender identity or expression.

      Previous Canadian legal decisions give guidance on a business’s responsibility to accommodate clients and workers.

      If I sought esthetics or any other serices and faced discrimination that I deemed to be on the basis of my being transgender, I would consider filing a complain to the appropriate tribunal. Denial of service by businesses on discriminatory grounds is a chronic problem plaguing transgender people and this has to be addressed. Because there are too many cisgender people with blind spots, there seems to be no alternative.

      Human rights must be balanced against one another, but they exist for a reason.


    4. So in other words, yes, you think that if a woman chooses not to touch male genitals during the course of her business day, she should be required to or face an accusation of discrimination and a possible lawsuit.
      That’s horrifyingly rapey. Women should not be coerced or forced to handle male genitalia in their chosen professions. That is not discrimination on the basis of being transgender, it is not receiving a service that requires genital nudity on the basis on sex. Does Canadian law provide for women who do not wish to be in the presence of nude, or partially nude, males?

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    5. And women have the right to determine that they will only perform intimate elective services to other women as their specialty.

      You wish to enforce an obligation for women to handle male genitals against their will, when it is not required by the nature of their profession.

      Your example of a nurse giving “spunge” (sponge) baths is a false equivalence. A nurse who is hired to work in a unisex facility with the advance knowledge that she will be providing necessary services (that are required to perform her job as agreed at hire) to males as well as females is far different than a woman who chooses to provide services to females only as her specialty. A gynecologist for example, is under no obligation to accept appointments for prostate exams in the course of her practice. She has chosen to specialize in women’s health and is under no obligation to seek additional training in specific health care needs for males or incorporate males into her practice. Similarly, an esthetician who specializes in female waxing services is under no obligation to train for male services.

      It is not discrimination to refuse to perform services that require male nudity or decide not to acquire additional training to provide a service that a professional does not seek to provide.

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    6. The part YOU’RE not acknowledging, Candy, is that it isn’t a “male penis” or “male genitalia”. Some women have penises. Both due to being transgender, and due to intersex conditions. Not all penis havers are men. No one is saying that people need to learn to wax penises due to them being male, but due to the fact that *some women have them* and they should be prepared to handle the issue.

      And I’m cis as all get out.


  8. You think that a woman who has a validly held opinion should be silenced. That’s fascist and anti feminist. I wonder if you are able to contextualize the fact you were raised as part of the patriarchy for holding that opinion? You should, if you are a woman now, be able to hold space for women’s opinions you disagree with. Additionally you dismiss other women’s opinions as sport, and for fun? How ridiculous. Have you ever actually tried to understand what it means to be a women beyond the concept of wearing dresses or thinking in what you consider a feminine manner? I am a woman and I don’t think in a feminine manner whatsoever, but you can never take away the fact that I’m a woman. Ever. If you take away all of the stereotypes that you associate with womanhood, what do you have left? Someone raised male who would silence women who disagree with what that person has deemed appropriate. I hope one day you can truly understand that there is no such thing as thinking or feeling like a woman. Because I am butch and I do neither. I just am. Your fascist refusal to listen to women is disheartening. I was going to congratulate you for your bravery for writing this article, then you ruined it for me in the comments. Refusing discourse is fascism.

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    1. Discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression is explicitly prohibited in Canada, as are discrimination on sex and sexual orientation. You are valid as who you are and loving who you love, just like I am.


  9. “This is not up for debate” – See, there you go shutting down your ideological opponents instead of debating them. That is some totalitarian behavior. And then you wonder why anyone would object?

    You keep saying that women not wanting to be in the same room with a penis is “discrimination.” All we hear is you saying “I refuse to let women set heir own boundaries,” a stance which is indistinguishable from the men’s rights activists.

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    1. you: “Trans women are men”
      me: “Trans women are recognized as women in Canada since 1999. Any kind of discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression is explicitly prohibited.”
      you: “but”
      me: “talk to your lawmaker”

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    2. Totalitarian behavior…..!!! You really need to learn what that means, you’re abusing and re-defining it


  10. “I mourn the fact that the wrath in social media about this one person has centered on her transgender status”
    False. Utterly false. The wrath in social media has been that you and Yaniv get people shut down for the thoughtcrime of “misgendering” a male-bodied creep who fantasizes about young girls and tampons and targets omen for lawsuits. You stoked that wrath with your constant gaslighting. YOU did that.
    “decry the actions of people who were so focused on that fact rather than focusing on getting to the bottom”
    The people you celebrate censoring were pointing to the bottom line that whole time, and the bottom line was that a creepy man used his transgender identity as a weapon to silence his critics. You are still enabling that behavior here. You have changed nothing.
    “I regret some did lasting damage by spreading false information”
    Yes. You. You spread false information in this blog post by calling women who complained about Yaniv “transphobic.” Megan Murphy is not afraid of trans people and does not spread fear of trans people. She is rightly afraid that trans *IDEOLOGY* silences women (which you celebrate), seeks to shut down safe spaces for women (which you have tried to do), and erodes the sex-based rights of women (which you are doing).
    Get that? Megan Murphy is afraid of your ACTIONS, not your identity.

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    1. Meghan Murphy advocates for discrimination on prohibited grounds. That action is illegal in Canada. This is not up for debate. Hatred is not how we protect people.


  11. Reading the first part I was actually a bit impressed that you, finally, spoke out about Yaniv’s well known, frequently discussed, well documented predatory remarks and behavior. You should have just stopped there. But…then you jumped the shark and started victim blaming, just *had* to take this moment, this conciliatory essay, to take digs at feminists who disagree with you and whom you don’t like. Self. Serving.

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  12. You are not a woman, Meghan Murphy engages VERY civilly but you won’t talk to her because you know she’s just smarter than you and deals in facts, rather than false claims and accusations and threats of law suits. This post is more insults to women and girls than any kind of apology. It’s so steeped in misogyny and your patriarchal privilege that it’s even difficult to determine what the heck you’re saying. There’s no such thing as transphobia. You are the one causing division and fear with your constant threats to women. Your glee in having VRR defunded by the city is unifying I guess? You’re a terrible man Morgane and you will get your commuppance some day – hopefully it’s soon.

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    1. Actually, I invited Meghan Murphy to debate and we are currently working out the terms of a face to face public meeting.
      After you get past your prejudice against transgender women that leads you to claim I am misogynistic, you may have a chance to notice that the world has moved on.

      Whatever you might think about it, transgender women are women and advocating for discrimination against transgender women is illegal in Canada. Meghan Murphy does this. She is a common miscreant.


  13. I applaud your writing this post, Morgane. I have some political differences with you but I think it’s brave of you to speak on this matter (and actually do some on-the-ground research and outreach) when so many others have preferred to hide it in the fog. I hope your speaking out can draw attention to [Yaniv]’s behaviour in a way that unites disparate viewpoints in solidarity with victims and against the creation of more victims in the future.


  14. The simple answer is that women are still not routinely believed when making reports. Even in the UK, women are turned away and in some cases treated as criminals
    Women are also a marginalised community, and it’s perhaps unsurprising, that we are not believed even if we were to make a report. Let’s not forget this individual was also seeking monetary compensation from no less than 16 women for refusing to perform a “Brazilian wax” on her male genitalia. In a world where women are not being consulted on basic changes to their own decision making processes, where women still do not have bodily autonomy, it is hard to trust the very institutions that are instigating these changes on our behalf.
    This posts strikes me as victim blaming at its best.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I agree, we have a much harder time being believed. Any child facing sexual violence or online predators has difficulty being believed.

      I applaud the victims who stepped forward. I am disappointed at the people who leveraged their trauma for their own profit for satisfaction while doing nothing concrete about it.


    2. I re read and agree a bit of the end was victim-blamey. I’ve rewritten it. Thank you for questioning it. I accept my frustration about aspects of this situation are showing.


  15. I appreciate you speaking out about this finally but firstly you shouldn’t chastise victims who spoke out for not speaking to the “right” people.

    Secondly, the twitter accounts and website you were so overjoyed that were getting shut down of Meghan Murphy and GenderTrender are exactly the ones who were and are speaking out about these abuses, so saying that people should be speaking out while being glad that some are being silenced is an oxymoron.

    Thirdly, I’m disappointed you didn’t address the abuse of womens boundaries because of the genital waxing cases. In your opinion was that abusive behavior to attempt to force women to touch body parts that they are uncomfortable with either for personal or religious reasons?

    Liked by 7 people

    1. The case you refer to is subject to a gag order. I can’t publish information about it. You defend Gendertrender, the website that doxxed me in 2013 – six months after I came out as transgender. They are predators who shouldn’t be referred to by civilized people and their demise is society’s victory.

      Megan Murphy has made a career out of populist hatred of transgender women. If done on paper rather than online, her work would be illegal in Canada. She couldn’t manage herself to work within the boundaries of civil discourse and faced the appropriate consequences for it.

      Anyone who incites discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression (or any other prohibited grounds) deserves what she got in my mind. What I mean by the right people is people who will do something about it rather than use your anger to amplify hatred. Complaining to someone like Meghan Murphy for example will result in a anti-transgender hit piece on a hate site like gendertrender or Feminist Current. Complaining to your lawmaker or to the police will start a file. Complaining to leaders in the community of the person belongs to spreads the word among people who have skin in the game.

      People who turn to hatred to deal with a miscreant give that miscreant cover on social grounds because decent people don’t like lynch mobs.

      Next time we identify someone misbehaving in a serious way, let’s focus on the actions and not on their eye color or their gender identity or their race or their religion. It will incite less hatred and get more results.


    1. Thank you for your comment. You may have known about this but I did not nor to my knowledge did law enforcement . My notes tell me I learned about this in Dec 2018/Jan 2019. My last and most important witness interview was in April 2019. As a politically active public figure I can not write about hearsay. I have to state facts I have verified. I spoke to three witnesses who had these experiences with this person directly. It took time.

      Why was this not brought to my attention or to other community leaders in Yaniv’s area where we live?

      Hate sites trolling trans women for entertainment and people venting on social media are in overabundance and not the same as participating in keeping society safe and just. In fact they do nothing but cause division and fear, turning people against others for no reason.

      I edited the bottom of the article to address timelines and your criticism.

      Thanks again.


    2. According to Morgane & her posse, she’s been too busy fending of [cisgender] women who murder & exterminate trans women. Although, this has actually NEVER ever happened. Meanwhile Bio girls & women have been busy fending off men who flash, grope, stalk, rape & murder them & tell them to stfu for having an opinion about their safety & REAL experiences. Morgane has a strangely low thereshold for criticism. Far lower than the average woman. I wonder why that could be?

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    3. The complaint about TERFs is not against women but against the extremist fringe of fundamentalism that claims to speak for all women.

      Women have welcomed transgender women for decades and transgender women have behaved as expected: like all other women. Sure, there is the odd mentally ill person which needs to be managed. Transgender women are no different than cisgender women.

      Spaces and services for women ARE have been organized to protect all women from the behaviour of men and services for women escaping violence are there for all women no matter who is doing the violence…

      You claim transgender women are not the target of cisgender women’s hatred. Here are three fairly recent cases that show you are wrong:

      1. Two cisgender women sexually assault transgender woman

      2. Cisgender woman assaults transgender woman entering bathroom

      4. Transgender woman verbally assaulted by woman and then physically attacked by man for riding the train.

      Violence by men is a prevalent concern for transgender women and cisgender women alike and data shows transgender women are at a far higher risk in all categories. I hope your consciously deciding to thrown other women under the bus for being transgender will one day come to haunt you when you realize the damage you have encouraged. I hope nobody does to you what you do to us.

      Your choosing to live in a deliberate haze of ignorance of the violence you condone against women who are transgender is that awful type of self-serving white feminism that most of us got rid of.

      Maybe read this piece by Women Against Violence Against Women Rape Crisis Centre, British Columbia’s largest rape crisis centre:


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