Is that cis white female pedestal actually a cage?

Dear woman leveraging patriarchy for personal advantage, I beg you to be careful what you ask for. I wish we could share a quiet chat about why I propose that’s a real problem for us all, but sadly the narrative is too often controlled by strident voices spreading fear and loathing.

Really, a simple quiet conversation would do so I am writing this instead. I have some questions I hope you’ll consider.

You sometimes claim trans women’s existance erases or oppresses “women”. You claim that by existing and demanding equal treatment free of bias we “devastate women”. You publish long pieces telling everyone that when we stand up to your supremacist claims that “no true woman” would be like me, or transgender, or whatever you drag out to deny the validity of whatever transgender women who do not meet your personal purity test.

“Posie Parker” really, really feels outraged and erased by transgender people. She works with fellow-erasee-Meghan Murphy to pick on trans kids. No thanks, Posie.

By “women”, do you mean cisgender women who insist that transgender women are not women?

By devastated, do you mean facing the real-world consequences of discriminatory actions targeting people on prohibited grounds?

Like this? Or like this? Or like this?

Do you propose that all the white women claiming to be bothered by the presence of another woman or of another person not exactly like them should have the right to decide for themselves the validity of such a person?

Should protections from discrimination have subjective escape clauses?

Do you see that these words come overwhelmingly from well-off white women who face few other barriers than their role in the patriarchy they uphold to not fall from their their place?

Why do you think that is?

Do the ends really justify the means? Cis-het LGB saviour and women’s rights activist Meghan Murphy works with socially-conservative anti-abortion and pro-conversion-therapy activists fighting for Gilead.

If not, how is it you are not right now advocating for purity test? Are you sure you would pass the purity test we set out if you were to get one implemented?

Do you really propose a purity test for qualifying as a woman enough, or middle class enough, white enough, safe enough?

In her 2018 dissenting opinion on the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling, Ruth Bader Ginsburg called putting women on a pedestal a gilded cage. Read more about Ginsberg’s view on substantive equality here and here. The U.S. Supreme Court Justice was trying to explain why gender-based discrimination confines what women can do. She sees something you refuse to see: that making womanhood or any other identity a caste opens up a terrifying portal into feudal times we learned long ago was poison.

In asking the Court to declare sex a suspect criterion, we urge a position forcibly stated in 1837 by Sara Grimke, noted abolitionist and advocate of equal rights for men and women. She said, ‘I ask no favor for my sex. All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.

— Ruth Bader Ginsburg, arguing before the Supreme Court (Frontiero v. Richardson, 1973)

Are you really sure you are “Woman” or “White” or “Christian” enough and “feminine” enough to satisfy everyone’s view of how a woman should behave, what she should look like, or be how far she should he “allowed” to reach? Do you really believe Gilead will be good for you?

Do you not see where you are taking us all as you let entitlement overtake wisdom?

Is “certified female” the caste you wish to put our daughters and ourselves into forever with legislation enacted “for her own good”?

Theocracy activist and Canadian-Supreme-court-certified bigot Kari Simpson has links to both the Chalcedon Foundation and the Hell’s Angels. She seeks to protect transgender children from the laws protecting them from bigots imposing their god-given rights. Blesses be the fruit.

Because when you’re asking to apply a purity test on who is a woman women to exclude women who are transgender, aren’t you inviting this judgement to be applied on you as well?

Maybe the way trans women don’t meet your purity test is also the way you don’t meet someone else’s.

Is that Super Rich Oppressed Writer, really dressing up transphobia as feminism?

When I read commentary like yours, I am reminded of all the times supremacist ideology like you are thoughtlessly amplifying with your words has resulted in immeasurable harm to whole communities because individuals wrap themselves around Purity and Supremacy to justify their exclusion of others on arbitrary grounds rather than on conduct or any other action.

Shame on you.

Your own personal blinkers cause harm and pain to so many you target because of who they are yet you clearly don’t care.


2 responses to “Is that cis white female pedestal actually a cage?”

  1. Marieke Byford Avatar
    Marieke Byford

    If trans-activists and radical feminists would be more willing to sit down and have an adult conversation about this, they would quickly realise they have very similar goals. While ciswomen are simply wanting to have a legitimate conversation and recognition of their concerns about their safety, Trans men and women are also wanting to have legitimate conversations about their rights and safety. It’s a shame that a lack of willingness to understand the other’s point of view has now become a war that nobody can actually win.

    Being a woman is not just about identity, it is also a lived experience, and for some, a deeply traumatised one. Assume that all women who have been horribly abused by a man, whether she is black/white/ brown, rich or poor, is deeply traumatised and deserves to be protected from that legitimate ongoing fear. They deserve safe spaces. I do not exclude trans-women from that, I believe that trans women are women and need equal protection from predatory men. I also understand that they need to feel accepted in a world where the current binary excludes them. I am just making this point because there needs to be a way that policy and law can continue to protect the rights and safety of women (trans included). It is, however, complex and almost impossible to do that without someone being short-changed and/or deeply offended.

    I do ask, how are women to feel safe in changerooms or refuges if law states that simply identifying as a woman allows you access to women’s safe spaces? Is it so hard to imagine how that could be exploited by male predators falsely identifying as trans to gain access to women spaces? Are woman going about their day now to be in charge of policing who can and can’t enter a woman’s space based on whether they are legitimately trans or just a predatory cisman in a dress? Does that not open the door for more discrimination against transpeople? Ciswomen are literally being a put in a corner. In all the history of effed up things that men have done to females (and children), this is not a made-up fantasy to prove a point. With all the violence and abuse that transwomen have had inflicted upon their bodies by males, surely this is not so hard to comprehend?

    Since the dawn of feminism, women have been fighting to dismantle to patriarchy, and feminist theory and activism has helped to pave the way for others who also have fought and continue to fight for their rights and acceptance. Claiming that white middle-class feminists are protecting the patriarchy is misinformation and represents a total lack of understanding of what feminism stands for, and what it has done for women so far. It’s coming at a time when there is an appetite for throwing shade on the white lady, so well done. I don’t argue that that shade is not deserved for white women’s role in white supremacy, but are white trans women excluded from that? Is this anti-white woman rhetoric just a huge distraction from the men that are literally killing, raping and oppressing the rest of us? Are we not just playing to their hand?

    I get that you are hurt, but can you also acknowledge that female survivors of rape, sexual abuse, violence and oppression at the hands of men are also hurt and should not be silenced out of fear of being labelled transphobic by your rhetoric.


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