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I write about inclusion and political issues while working to narrow the gap between the laws we took great pains to create and their real-world implementation.

Its time to add covid measures

I’ve asked for three measures that I think will help everyone withstand COVID as the next waves come in my Jan 13, 2022 Vancouver Is Awesome op-ed “3 things that should happen to better protect B.C.’s most vulnerable against COVID-19” and in my January 17 news piece in the Georgia Straight “Morgane Oger: In the…

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Trans Rights in BC: Some Interesting Case Law That Mattered

Notes from a seminar I gave at UBC Allard School of law in 2021 for law students and interested faculty…augmented with some additional details afterwards. This is a living document. Delivered 28 Jan 2021 to Allard Law School (online) Morgane Oger, Morgane Oger Foundationhttps://ogerfoundation.ca| What is Trans? “Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs…

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Happy Coming Out Day

Today is Coming Out Day. On this day some of those of us who came out as who we are today and have the privilege of being able to speak about it publicly do so. I started telling people I might be transgender in 2011 after years of secrecy and shame over who I was.…

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Why I Celebrate Labour Day

Canada's labour movement trains up future activists to continue the hard work that their elders have started to make Canada more just for us all.

Labour has consistently shown up at our side in the advocacy work we've done. They can be counted on to stand up for individual workers and the oppressed in the face of unfairness. Each win they help bring ensures all our children, their children have better lives.

On Labour Day, I celebrate this.

Meeting labour activists in 2015 shaped my approach

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