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Human Rights in Doc form

People are asking me about the advocacy that led to being honoured with the being awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General in the name of the Queen and all Canadians. These two short docs by award-winning filmmaker Christine Lord tell the story of the events between 2014 and 2016 that led to…

1253 Letters by Christine Lord

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Teach hatred a lesson in irony…

A man has been wandering the streets of Vancouver since 6 October distributing flyers. There’s no place for what he is writing and no excuse for him to be putting such homophobic and transphobic rants to paper and imposing them on innocent victims. First, I’d like to start by taking a moment to thank everybody…

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Who’s responsible? Speaking with parents about the fentanyl and homelessness crisis and its effect on crosstown elementary

As many people already know, I am running for Trustee of the Vancouver Board of Education in the 2018 municipal election. If elected, I will support initiatives prioritizing spending inside the classroom. I’ll advocate for safe and inclusive neighbourhood schools so learners can receive an excellent, equitable education. I commit to engage with all stakeholders…

Needles litter children's playground

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Sahitya Poonacha reacts to the Supreme Court of India’s landmark decision to decriminalize gay sex: “Society still has a long way to go, but now with the court on love’s side, it gives the confidence to the people who are afraid.”

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Time for Barry Neufeld to go.

    The Chilliwack School Board has officially asked Barry Neufeld to resign, finally. The trustees voted to act in-camera under mounting pressure after Neufeld initiated a bully campaign against  President of the District Parent Advisory Council of Chilliwack Justine Hodge that resulted in the parent volunteer to be bombarded by hateful and threatening messages from…

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Don’t trick the customer

Ken Zucker's Gender Identity Clinic was found to be out of step with modern practices, to listen too much to the desires of the parents over the needs of the child, to be inconsistent in the treatments of clients, to use criteria that raised alarm with the investigators, and to not seek the required consent of clients it used in its research.
It was closed.

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