Vancouver-Centre Public School Mess Highlights Years of Ignoring Residents


The inaction of elected officials such as Liberals Hedy Fry and Sam Sullivan is responsible for the pain Yaletown or Olympic Village parents will feel every day taking their kids to Coal Harbour accross the downtown core.

Protected: As The 2019 Election Approaches, I have a Question to Justin Trudeau About the Blood Ban

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Is Canada Contributing To The UK Anti-Trans Violence?

Is Canada's unregulated online hate propaganda targeting transgender people contributing to the 81% rise in crimes targeting transgender people in the UK? Equal rights charity Stonewall estimated that two in five trans people had experienced a hate crime or incident in the past year.

Course: governance 101. Grade: F. UBC has much to learn about following its own rules.

In recent months UBC asked to feature me as a success story for their engineering program. I am troubled by their conduct regarding anti-trandgender hatred on campus and I can not let UBC use my name as long as it cultivates hatred against marginalized communities or helps others do so.

The Pulse massacre anniversary reminds us hatred is a social disease we must address

On June 12 2016, Orlando's Pulse Nightclub was the scene of a massacre targeting the LGBTQ community. We must stand together to fight off the cultivation of hateful impuses before they become murderous action.

Research shows less than 5% who medically transition detransition, not 80%

A 2006 studies on transgender people showed that less than 1% of transgender people regret their decision and detransition. Another, more recent lobgitudinal study spanning 50 years from the 1960s to its recent publishing date found a 2.2% de-transition rate. why the consistent messaging in politics and social media that over 80% of kids … Continue reading Research shows less than 5% who medically transition detransition, not 80%

CHRC endorses Inquiry call for justice over indigenous genocide

Canada’s indigenous women and girls are “under siege,” and their deaths and disappearances amount to “a race-based genocide.": June 2019 MMIWG report

Parents Letter: “Anti-SOGI Disinformation Incites Hatred Against Our Kids”

Parents: "Jenn Smith has taken it upon organize public speaking events, where he goes from one community to the next, sharing his presentation to the public. The content of his presentation is misinformation, debunked pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, and a few of his own personal life experiences. Those of us who have LGBTQ2+ children and families consider his presentation dangerous because it incites hate, targeted at our kids and our families."

There’s always a second chance for reformed anti-trans activists

This is a message to the social conservative fringe of Canada. We all have the same rights, the same hopes, and the same fears. We are, in facts so much alike.

IDAHOTIB: Addressing Online Hatred at Parliament.

Hate propaganda acts by creating anger or disgust towards a person or group because of their identity. It often specifically targets people over their gender identity or sexual orientation.