Morgane Oger M.S.M.

Morgane Oger in a blue dress after her 2017 BC Provincial loss to Sam Sullivan
Morgane Oger v The Machine – Photo: Vancouver Sun

Co-parenting two elementary-school-aged children in downtown Vancouver, Morgane Oger consults in the tech industry while driving public policy change and supporting vulnerable persons from the side of her desk for a more inclusive society.  Morgane Oger is the founder and executive director of the Morgane Oger Foundation which was founded to help narrow the gap between Canada’s laws and the experience of people on the ground.

The foundation employs education, advocacy, and legal means to reach its goals.

Morgane Oger campaign photo – 2017 BC General Election
Morgane Oge address BC library trustees in 2018
Morgane Oger speaks with a supporter on Parliament Hill

Morgane Oger is a founding member of the Law Union of BC. She serves as Vice-President of the BC New Democratic Party

Oger ran for public office twice.

She was candidate in the 2017 British Columbia general election in Vancouver-False Creek, missing by the mark by just over 400 votes or 1.7%. 

Morgane Oger ran for School Trustee in the 2019 Vancouver General Election as an  independant candidate an received over 27,900 votes. This is the largest number ever achieved in Canada by an openly transgender person.

Working with everyone, Morgane Oger is recognized as an effective community organizer and change maker for reaching hearts and minds to help win significant victories on issues focused around equality and inclusion at all levels of Government.  

Supporting the Canadian Human Rights Commission  in matters related to transgender rights, Oger is active in the support of transgender persons involved in the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in detention.

A tenacious loudmouth working in both official languages of Canada, Morgane Oger successfully spearheaded the push to convince Canadians to support human rights law that protects us all against discrimination based on gender identity or expression. She has helped implement ground-breaking policies supporting these laws across the country.

Morgane Oger speaks in Coal Harbour
Morgane Oger speaks in Coal Harbour during the 2017 BC General Election

With a number of successful policy and law reform wins in multiple provinces and at the federal level behind her as well as a number of successful interventions on the behalf of the transgender community across Canada, Morgane’s advocacy work was featured in award-winning documentaries “In Alliance and “1253 Letters”.

For her contribution to inclusion and equality, Oger was named National HeroGrand Marshal at the 2016 Vancouver Pride Parade. 

Morgane Oger was awarded the Kimberly Nixon Pride Legacy Award in 2016 and received the Shakti Trailblazer Award in 2018.

Morgane Oger at the 2016 Pride Legacy awards with Trans inclusion trailblazers Adrienne Smith, Sheila Gilhooley, Chase Willier, Kimberly Nixon, and Dr. Cindy Holmes

In recognition for her service to Canada in extending human rights for LGBTQ2+ persons, Morgane Oger was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal on behalf of The Queen and all Canadians by Governor General Julia Fayette in 2018. 

The Meritorious Service Decorations recognize great Canadians for exceptional deeds accomplished over a limited period of time that bring honour to our country. They honour achievements in both military and civil divisions.

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