Time for Barry Neufeld to go.

    The Chilliwack School Board has officially asked Barry Neufeld to resign, finally. The trustees voted to act in-camera under mounting pressure after Neufeld initiated a bully campaign against  President of the District Parent Advisory Council of Chilliwack Justine Hodge that resulted in the parent volunteer to be bombarded by hateful and threatening messages from…

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Don’t trick the customer

Ken Zucker's Gender Identity Clinic was found to be out of step with modern practices, to listen too much to the desires of the parents over the needs of the child, to be inconsistent in the treatments of clients, to use criteria that raised alarm with the investigators, and to not seek the required consent of clients it used in its research.
It was closed.

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The Massacre at l’Ecole Politechnique de Montréal and Supremacy’s Lingering Poison

We were sitting at a large drafting table in the naval architecture lab in the Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering building at UBC when someone came in and said it had happened. My own initial emotion was of incredulous shock. It took some time for the horrible reality of what had happened to trickle in:…

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Peterson’s Petulance Problem

Jordan Peterson is burdened by the impossible oppression of actually having a job. It turns out that this is a cautionary tale. When his employer requested that he address all students in class with the requisite courtesy customary of students, even if some prefer the singular they, Peterson took profound exception and flipped a proverbial…

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