Protected: As The 2019 Election Approaches, I have a Question to Justin Trudeau About the Blood Ban

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Course: governance 101. Grade: F. UBC has much to learn about following its own rules.

In recent months UBC asked to feature me as a success story for their engineering program. I am troubled by their conduct regarding anti-trandgender hatred on campus and I can not let UBC use my name as long as it cultivates hatred against marginalized communities or helps others do so.

Research shows less than 5% who medically transition detransition, not 80%

A 2006 studies on transgender people showed that less than 1% of transgender people regret their decision and detransition. Another, more recent lobgitudinal study spanning 50 years from the 1960s to its recent publishing date found a 2.2% de-transition rate. why the consistent messaging in politics and social media that over 80% of kids … Continue reading Research shows less than 5% who medically transition detransition, not 80%

There’s always a second chance for reformed anti-trans activists

This is a message to the social conservative fringe of Canada. We all have the same rights, the same hopes, and the same fears. We are, in facts so much alike.

Meghan Murphy you are misleading your audience

When you claim denying a publicly-available service for women to trans women is justified or even legal in Canada you are lying.

Preying on children makes you a predator regardless of who you are

Amanda Todd

I have dreaded writing this article for the months I have considered it. My advisors recommend against it but I feel it is necessary. It is not with levity I use the word predator literally

Audio: Vancouver Rape Relief to be excluded for future contracts until it meets City of Vancouver eligibility criteria on inclusion

On March 13, 2019 the Vancouver City Finance and Programs Committee heard from speakers in favour of and opposed to a grant request by Vancouver Rape Relief. This is the audio of the speakers presentations. The city renewed the grant but listed the organization as ineligible for future funding.

Creatures From The Extreme-Right Lagoon

A Reminder That Angry White Men Are Dangerous

New-christian-white-supremacist-entity-on-the-block Resurrection Europa has Very Deep Concerns Indeed about anyone who they do not recognize as cisgender, heterosexual, Caucasian, and Christian.

I agree with Kari Simpson

Despite her debilitating "condition", Supreme-Court-Certified-Bigot Kari Simpson still needs to pee.

Episode 3.6 Dismantling the Patriarchy Has to be a Vocal Game with Clayre Sessoms

“Performative allyship is a whole kettle of fish”
HANNAH MCGREGOR invites Clayre to chat about singing, and ends up talking about cis-hetero-normativity, community, harm, and silence.
They touch on what we do (or don’t do) to feel like we belong and the price we pay to be allowed in.

Oh, and talk about performative allyship, which is so complex a topic on its own.

Secret Feminist Agenda

Content warning for discussions of sexual assault and transphobia.

Like so many good things, this episode started one way and ended up another. I invited Clayre to chat about singing, and we ended up talking about community and harm and silence and what we do (or don’t do) to feel like we belong. Oh, and we talk about performative allyship, which is so complex a topic I could probably make an entire season about it, but in the meantime here are some LINKS:

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