“Each For All” with Rubin Puga

Morgane speaks about her campaign on “Each For All” with Rubin Puga

[Note: This is a re-post of an update from my 2018 Vancouver School Trustee campaign] Too many parents are telling me their child is not getting the education they deserve.

You expect more, and I’m here to help.

Listen to this segment of Each For All with Robin Puga, as we are joined by City Council candidate Tanya Paz. You’ll hear why I am running as an independent candidate, and why I believe local governance is a collaborative exercise that benefits little from parties or 3rd party vested interests.Each For AllRobin Puga and Each For All 

Morgane Oger joins Robin Puba and Tanya Paz on Co-op Radio on “Each For All”

I’ll talk about why I champion equitable education in safe and inclusive schools through accountable and transparent governance. Parents and voters are looking for functioning, integrated education delivery for our children and the growing number of angry-parent meetings in Vancouver shows that kicking the can down the street as is happening at Crosstown and Lord Roberts Annex is not working for parents. Schools are complaining that the Board of Education, Parks Board, and City of Vancouver are passing the buck while their children are suffering and nobody seems accountable for the situation.

original Oct 8, 2018 segment link: here



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