Chatting with IntraVenus – on SFU Radio CJSF 90.1

What people don’t have is not a right to exist holding the beliefs they hold. There is no right to act on every belief somebody holds – however, whenever, wherever they want. That’s the right none of us have. Actions that cause others harm because of who they are are prohibited in Canada.

Advertisement poster for IntraVenus interview of Morgane Oger on CJSF 90.1

It was a profound pleasure to drop in with Paria for a chat on IntraVenus.

We touched on why I ran in 2017 for the BC NDP (I believe in the movement the BC NDP represents)… what the Oger v Whatcott legal decision means to us all (free speech and beliefs do not trump somebody else’s right to live free of prohibited discrimination)… what it was like being an actor in the commercial theatre production of Trans Scripts, Part 1: The Women, and why advocating against one injustice can turn into advocating against the root cause: supremacy.

“Morgane speaks about her journey as a politician, her ideas about the future of sexual orientation and gender identity education in BC, her role in Trans Scripts, Part 1: The Women, and much more.”


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