Assertions minus evidence equals bias

I seem to have attracted the scorn of never-allow-trans-kids-to-transition crowd again, including that obsessive sandwich board guy who has taken a keen interest in things that to my knowledge don’t impact him at all. The conversation about medical transition of children and young adults is fascinating to me. Many of us worked hard to protect against discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression and sexual orientation. It took queer rights advocates years to get these two explicit protections locked in, and in both cases there are myriad reasons postulated why such protection should not happen. Each time, socially-conservative … Continue reading Assertions minus evidence equals bias

Don’t trick the customer

The problem with University of Toronto Professor Ken Zucker‘s Gender Identity Clinic for children and youth at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto when it was closed in 2015 was that the client was the kid rather than the parent, and the customer shouldn’t be tricked.

Gender identity isn’t about dolls or stereotypes and being transgender has been recognized as part of gender diversity for years. Why didn’t the CAMH Gender Identity Clinic get the memo?

Dr. Ken Zucker was head of CAMH until it was closed following an assessment brought on by complaints related to the care clients received there. As head, Dr. Zucker held a leadership role in a public institution. Part of that role was to ensure that the centre provided the best care possible for his trans, gender-variant, and gender-creative clients, in accordance with Canadian and global standards. The authoritative standard of care for professionals in this field is published by the World Professional Association of Trans Health, WPATH.

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