BOF: Anti-SOGI and Anti-Choice coelacanths converge

Birds of a feather are meeting up in Victoria rallies this weekend to oppose women having a right to access abortion and to force LGBTQ2+ kids back into the closet.

If it was another month, I would be in Victoria addressing this hot mess from the 1950s that has no place in our inclusive and diverse country.

As I am in Vancouver this weekend focusing on my campaign to be elected to the Vancouver School Board and simply can not get away, I send everyone organizing to face the closed hearts and minds who oppose people like me, my friends, or my community who are the target of their intolerance and their inclusion love. We are many and we are in the right.

I thank you all for taking the time to be there to stand up for inclusion and facts.

It is both fascinating and depressing to me that those with anti-SOGI and anti-Choice views are holding rallies this weekend at our legislature. After all, we know those who oppose LGBTQ2+ visibility are also against women or anyone who needs an abortion accessing one. In 2018, this is a ludicrous proposition very few support and that is firmly protected from ever coming to fruition by our rock-solid human rights law.

They will not succeed.

Despite the fact that everyone has a right to voice their opinion in Canada in a lawful manner, it is so sad to see that some British Columbians still hold views that include telling other people what to do with their bodies, and telling other people who to love, and telling other people that their color of their skin or the place they were born or the way they worship or choose not to is wrong or undesirable.

To them, I have a simple message:

Mind your business!

Those who do not accept that there are wonderful people in our community who are not like them due to their gender identity or expression, or because of their sexual orientation, or because of their race or because of any other explicitly protected characteristic recognized by our laws are an echo an uglier past most would prefer to leave in the past.

These Anachronisms That Time Forgot stubbornly remain on the wrong side of history, unaware that they have lost the plot. Apparently, Coelacanths still thrive in some communities of British Columbia. Luckily, their kids are learning to be better people in safe and inclusive schools.

Update: The anti-SOGI rally event has occurred and generated a fair bit of coverage and a response from the Minister of Education.







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