Happy Coming Out Day

Today is Coming Out Day. On this day some of those of us who came out as who we are today and have the privilege of being able to speak about it publicly do so.

Morgane Oger speaks about her experiences to MacLeans Magazine in 2014

“We share our stories as an encouragement to those who have not – or nor yet – found a way to come out of the closet.” – Morgane Oger

I started telling people I might be transgender in 2011 after years of secrecy and shame over who I was. I came out openly in September 2013 – on Facebook.

Maclean’s Magazine asked me to share my story in 2014, not very long after I decided to come out. To mark #ComingOutDay this year, I’m thrilled to re-share their excellent work here.

I am so happy I came out. Jumping into the fog and telling my mom in 2013 was the most terrifying thing I ever did and by far the best decision I ever made. My family is strong. My kids are growing up to be beautiful and resilient. I have a wonderful relationship with them and my partner Heidi McDonell.

My career is on track and rewarding. My advocacy work is getting laws passed, schools built, and people’s voices heard.

To people wondering if it was worth it, I say yes. For me, coming out was priceless.





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