There’s always a second chance for reformed anti-trans activists

Paul Dirks, Laura-Lynn Thompson, Barbara Kay, Meghan Murphy, Kari Simpson, Jordan Peterson, Barry Neufeld, Parents United Canada, Culture Guard, Real Women Canada, 3 Percent, Soldiers of Odin, Canadian Christian Lobby, Jenn Smith, Canadian Christian Coalition, Uprising Europa, you all have something in common and this message is for you.

As you know, transgender persons exist and as quietly boring as many Canadians wish you were. We all have the same rights, the same hopes, and the same fears. We are, in facts so much alike.

Sometimes you really perplex me. Yes, you even baffle me. I should not need to spell out to you or to other deeply social-conservative folks exactly what the rights of transgender and non-binary folks are. You’d think each of you would already know this since our rights are your rights too.

Like us, you have every right to live your lives to their fullest. Like us, you get to be protected from the discrimination or any hatred others might feel towards you turning to action. Like us you are protected from others, their views, and their actions when they cross the line and become prohibited discrimination or acts of hatred.

I should not have needed to take the matter to the BC Human Rights Tribunal to fight for my basic rights, and neither should you. I shouldn’t have had to testify about online hatred to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights and neither should you.

Our existence is just a fact, that’s it. And yours is too.

Maybe we all just need to get used to this like you had to get used to the fact that the lifestyle of attacking gay is as out of touch with Canadian Values as flat earth theory.

Like women, gays, and immigrants, and transgender people you are equal to everyone else. Your rights are neither stronger or weaker than anyone else’s.

In fact if I may be so bold, your inciting hatred against others and advocating for discrimination on prohibited grounds seems to be your Achilles heel.

It’s a blind spot too many of us have, so I have some empathy for your having to carry this albatross around your neck. We’re all wobbly somewhere, after all.

Everyone wants to be their best possible selves and you don’t have to work actively to harm others by inciting hatred or discrimination on prohibited grounds. There are other jobs and there is most likely room for you and your beliefs in Canada if you just stop that one thing. It’s not too late and you can come back from the mess you got yourselves into.

Canada is an accepting place with room for everyone, no matter what they believe. Why don’t you give me a call and we can have a chat over coffee? Like everyone else, you deserve room to be yourselves and believe what you believe. After all, Canadians believe in second chances.


5 responses to “There’s always a second chance for reformed anti-trans activists”

  1. Course: governance 101. Grade: F. UBC has much to learn about following its own rules. – Morgane Oger Avatar

    […] written at length about concerns with Smith inciting discrimination on prohibited grounds. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] […]


  2. Marissa Anne Wright Avatar
    Marissa Anne Wright

    We have always existed. We will always exist. Our recognition and rights are being established, with a few exceptions, globally. Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists, Gender Critical Feminists, and Bioessentialists can’t argue a point with any degree of logical consistency, simply because they need to misrepresent or invent information that takes only a few moments to dissect. Today, my 16-year old son and his friend were laughing at a video they were watching online. I asked what it was, and they said they had been watching another Jordan Peterson video. To them, Jordan Peterson isn’t their leader…he’s comedy gold. They were dissecting each sentence and pulling it apart with no effort to spot the inconsistencies. These kids are our future.

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  3. Jenn Smith Avatar

    The first thing to note here is that Barbara Kay, like Ken Zucker, supports adolescent medical transition, so she really is on your side. She also thinks lifelike child sex dolls are a good thing for society. Please do not put me in the same group with Kay.
    Jordan Peterson is a psychologist that thinks he is a political scientist, and yet he doesn’t even know what Marxism is. When he is not busy perpetuating a fake red scare and deceiving Christians into thinking he believes in God like they do (by being vague), he is granting Theryn Meyer (born male) status as a woman and has never contested people saying a man is a woman, but instead struts around like an over-stuffed rooster yelling at kids about how he won’t speak “their damned” fake pronouns, meanwhile people are being forced to surrender physical reality while he sits silent. As a psychologist he could speak out against child / adolescent medical transition, point out the profits being raked in by big pharma and related conflicts of interest with trans “science,” but he doesn’t. He could speak out against women’s rights being trampled, but he doesn’t. All he does is cash cheques and kiss corporate behinds (hence his invitation to the Trilateral Commission and previous work as a propagandist for the UN). Peterson is not 100% on your side but he is pretty close.
    I am my own person and lumping me in with a group that frequently have views dramatically different than mine is deceptive, which of course is what you specialize in, and which is also why I feel strongly disinclined to address any point you have made, except your lumping of a group of very different people and beliefs together.
    Jenn Smith

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    1. Concerned Islander Avatar

      I don’t know Jenn…

      You say “Jordan Peterson is a psychologist that thinks he is a political scientist.” Aren’t you (based on your self-reported credentials) a political scientist that thinks you’re a psychologist? I think you and Jordan Peterson have more in common than you would care to admit.

      Love and light,

      Concerned Islander


    2. Morgane Oger Avatar

      You raise a very good point, Islander. There are reasons why we don’t take people seriously when they take on the mantle of expert about matters they have no grounds to do that on.

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